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The art of business is about making a mark, making sure that you get your message across. AdPenSite is the foremost distributor of cost effective and high quality engraved and imprinted promo pens across Europe and offers every business, from corner shop to multinational corporation, the opportunity to make such a mark; to leave an impression on some of the most important tools in any business, the pen and pencil. How many times a day is someone using a pen or pencil? How many times are people sketching down ideas that could use your expertise or your goods and services? We offer you a great, cost effective and direct promo marketing tool to communicate with your present and potential customers. This tool will ensure that your engraved or imprinted message can be easily noticed by the people that are important to you. In terms of price and quality, we have a wide range of low cost promotional pens and pencils that will fit into every marketing budget. From the cheapest promo pens to engraved or imprinted pens from renowned makers such as Waterman, Parker and Cerruti. Our range of promo pens and pencils are ergonomically designed and always carefully imprinted or engraved to get the correct message to your present and potential customers. At AdPenSite we are proud ourselves in producing the highest quality promo materials for your business and its clients and it is hard to find a price as low as ours. We have years of expertise in promo stationary and that means we are ready to get your message across in a simple but very effective way. All over the UK, there are companies using our products to promote their businesses for as little as a few pennies per unit. That means that in a very cost effective way AdPenSite can begin to make your business more visible to your customers. In our online catalogue you will find a wide variety of ballpoint pens, cheap pens, company pens, corporate pens, engraved pens, imprinted pens, and logo pens. A pen is a simple and elegant piece of marketing that can, if used skillfully, make a real presence in your customer`s premises. This is why AdPenSite has become the leading distributor in Europe by getting businesses noticed where it matters the most. In the year 2016 we heave designed and patented a pen called El Primero, which is already one of our bestsellers. El Primero pen can be imprinted 360 degrees on the barrel and has a large imprint area on the wide clip. It is produced in Poland from the highest quality plastic that comes from Samsung. The same plastic is used to make famous LEGO bricks. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our excellent service and highest quality of promotional pens and pencils at the truly competitive prices.

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