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Everyday Champion

Everyday Champion is a London based SEO, digital marketing and e-commerce agency. We ensure your company is found through the best SEO practices in the world, and ensure that your customers connect with you - because you are so compelling and because you care about the same things that they care about.

We specialise in turning your business website into a revenue producing machine. We help clients to grow their revenues by developing and implementing custom plans to make them prominent on the first page of Google and elsewhere thereby giving them a massive unfair advantage. In some cases our strategies can even lead to domination of the Search Engine Results Pages with several page one listings.

We love getting to know businesses who add real value and act with integrity, and taking them to the next level. It`s a hugely creative and rewarding experience. Remember: you aren't doing anyone any favours by not being found and not being able to help them.

We particularly specialise in e-commerce and Amazon, and have cutting edge resources and specialist knowledge to help clients sell their products and services online. We enjoy building advanced sales marketing funnels (based on a thorough analysis of particular market sectors) and writing professional converting sales copy using advanced sales psychology techniques.

We enjoy writing and crafting words, and have a particular talent for finding connections between ideas and helping broadcast clients' core stories and messages on the internet to more people in a way that is compelling and authentic and that improves conversion rates. In this way we help build irresistible brands that impact the world in positive ways.

We have a voracious appetite for continually improving our SEO knowledge and are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of the latest algorithmic changes made by Google, so we can continually adjust our techniques to ensure that our clients' rankings are stable for the long term. As part of a small mastermind group of the top SEO experts in the world, we are able to share unprecedented insights into the workings of Google, You Tube and Amazon. In this way we can help companies (whether local, national or international) to increase their revenues very significantly, and to dominate their competition.

It is said that you need to devote 10,000 hours to a subject to achieve true mastery in that field. By that criteria Nicholas Orosz has not yet achieved true "Mastery of Internet Traffic Generation". But since October 2014 he has spent, and continues to spend, over 60 hours each week: learning, understanding, refining, testing and playing with these skills; continually clarifying and simplifying his understanding of SEO; spending money on his education and travelling to attend workshops and events around the world; building sites to generate conversion and therefore make money; & focusing on original ways to apply these skills creatively.

SEO done effectively for entrepreneurs can be truly life changing. It can breathe life into your business and by showing your dedication to serving your customers, you can dominate your passionless, mediocre competition.

What is comes down to is for you to decide if you want to transform your business and be an online champion.

Our goal is to transform your business so completely that you won`t be able to recognise your business and your life in twelve months` time.

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